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Hello, my dear visitors!
My name is Maria Telnova.

I was born in Yalta, Crimea. Now I live in Sevastopol.
I’m a Registered Tourist Guide for Sevastopol, Yalta and surrounding areas qualified in 2005. I conduct excursions in English and German. I have working experience with the groups from ocean and river cruise ships, with private overseas visitors, with children camp groups. Having been a representative of National Union German Military Grave Registration Service I provided guide services on the German Military cemetery in Sevastopol. I worked as a board guide with the river cruise ship “Mikhail Lomonosov” (Viking River Cruises). I also performed interpreter functions on several international conferences.

I suggest:

  • Tours to all of the top attractions of Sevastopol, Yalta, the Southern Coast of Crimea and the surrounding areas

  • Car, coach, boat and walking tours

  • Guiding different groups including children/ student groups, adults, small family groups, private visitors

  • Arranged standard tours or tours at your pace and of your choosing

  • The price depends on group amount and the duration of the tour. Discounts for 2+ days tours

Personal guide Maria Telnova 2

With me you get the most from your trip!
Maria Telnova